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Rennie - How do you like your food?

Drawing on the insightful understanding that heartburn prompts people to reconsider their food choices, we at ThinkLab developed a highly effective campaign for our valued client, Bayer. Our goal was to highlight the unique selling propositions (USPs) of Rennie, a trusted heartburn relief product. Through a compelling commercial, we showcased pivotal occasions where food played a central role, emphasizing the importance of having Rennie by your side.

Our team crafted a captivating digital marketing campaign that resonated with the target audience on a personal level. The video seamlessly captured moments where individuals experienced heartburn discomfort while indulging in their favorite foods. Demonstrating the versatility and reliability of Rennie, we emphasized that no matter how much you love your food, you can enjoy it worry-free with Rennie.

The commercial effectively conveyed Rennie’s key messages, positioning it as the go-to solution for heartburn relief. Our strategic storytelling and creative execution resulted in heightened brand awareness, increased consumer trust, and a boost in product sales.

By leveraging our expertise in digital marketing, videos, and healthcare, we successfully delivered a compelling campaign that left a lasting impact on the audience. The portfolio for Bayer’s Rennie exemplifies our commitment to creating innovative and meaningful content that resonates with consumers and drives tangible results for our clients. At ThinkLab, we take pride in delivering exceptional campaigns that elevate brands and connect with their audiences in the competitive digital landscape.

Client: Bayer

Category: Digital Marketing, Videos, Healthcare