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End-to-End Annual Marketing Strategy Partner for Dibber

As an end-to-end annual marketing strategy partner for Dibber (#1 Scandinavian and Nordic education provider), our primary goal is to promote their existing nurseries and the launch of new nurseries in 2023 across the UAE. We aim to support Dibber in their expansion in the UAE and establish Dibber as the ultimate ‘Go-to Education Experts’ in the region, offering top-notch early childhood education and care to young minds.

Strategy Outline:
We are actively implementing a robust marketing strategy to achieve Dibber’s business objectives. Leveraging the power of digital marketing, we are targeting Dibber’s audience precisely on popular social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, alongside running strategic Google Ads campaigns. These efforts are driving significant traffic to the Dibber website and amplifying brand visibility, resulting in a substantial increase in enquiries and leads. Simultaneously, we are optimizing the website for search engines, ensuring that parents effortlessly find Dibber when searching for nurseries in the UAE. Through retargeting ads, we are keeping website visitors engaged and informed about Dibber’s exceptional educational offerings, effectively nurturing potential leads. Our content team is creating engaging social media campaigns, engaging prospective customers and solidifying the Dibber brand as a symbol of quality early childhood education. Finally, with effective PR initiatives, we are establishing Dibber as a thought leader and leading provider of early childhood education in the UAE.  We are also showcasing Dibber’s commitment to empowering women in leadership roles and an employer of choice in the UAE. 

Through the diligent execution of our comprehensive marketing strategy, we have shown significant outcomes for Dibber:
1. Increased online visibility, leading to a surge in website traffic and a higher number of leads.
2. Enhanced search engine ranking for the Dibber website, ensuring easy discoverability by interested parents and guardians.
3. Improved customer acquisition and engagement through well-crafted and impactful campaigns.
4. A stronger brand presence, resulting from effective PR initiatives.

Client: Dibber UAE

Category: Websites & Mobile Apps, Branding, Digital Marketing