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Rennie - Ramadan

At ThinkLab, we took on the exciting challenge of localizing a global asset that celebrated the significance of food during Ramadan, while effectively showcasing the efficacy of Rennie, a trusted product by our esteemed client, Bayer. As experts in videos, healthcare, and creatives, we crafted a captivating video that struck a chord with the audience, resulting in an astounding 14 million views across various platforms.

The video we created artfully captured the essence of Ramadan, where food plays a central role in the lives of millions worldwide. Through careful localization, we ensured the content resonated deeply with the target audience, evoking emotions and cultural connections. Seamlessly integrating Rennie’s efficacy into the narrative, we highlighted its role in ensuring enjoyable and heartburn-free meals during this special time of year.

Our innovative approach to storytelling and creative execution garnered immense engagement, with millions of viewers connecting with the message and the brand. By strategically catering to the cultural context and values of Ramadan, we successfully positioned Rennie as an essential companion for a comfortable and enjoyable Ramadan experience.

The success of this video project exemplifies our expertise in crafting culturally relevant and impactful content that drives exceptional results. At ThinkLab, we take pride in our ability to deliver meaningful campaigns that resonate with audiences and elevate brands’ presence in the dynamic digital landscape.

The Bayer Ramadan video is a testament to our commitment to excellence in videos, healthcare, and creative marketing. We take pleasure in contributing to the success of our clients and being part of campaigns that touch the hearts of millions. Let us be your creative partner in bringing your brand’s message to life and captivating your audience in meaningful and culturally significant ways.

Client: Bayer

Category: Videos, Healthcare, Creatives