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10 facts about human milk and prebiotics


Our primary objective was to establish Nutricia’s Prebiotics as a pioneering force in the realm of immune health, underpinned by cutting-edge nutritional science. The goal was to create a compelling narrative that showcases the product’s exceptional impact on immune support, effectively differentiating it in the market.


Our creative approach centered on seamlessly integrating scientific knowledge with captivating visual narratives. Through meticulous video production and skillful 2D animation, we transformed complex scientific concepts into easily digestible and engaging content. By crafting an intricate storyline, we depicted Nutricia’s prebiotic expertise in action, revealing the product’s transformative potential for immune health.

The animation process allowed us to visually demonstrate the intricate workings of Nutricia’s Prebiotics within the body, highlighting its unique role in strengthening the immune system. We carefully balanced the scientific accuracy of the information with the emotional resonance of the storytelling, ensuring that the audience would be both informed and inspired.


The culmination of our efforts is the ThinkLab Video Production, showcasing Danone Nutricia’s Prebiotics as a catalyst for immune health transformation. This project exemplifies how the fusion of imaginative storytelling and scientific precision can reshape perceptions and empower individuals on their journey to enhanced well-being.

Through the synergy of video production, 2D animation, and compelling narratives, we have effectively communicated the groundbreaking potential of Nutricia’s Prebiotics for immune support. This achievement stands as a testament to our commitment to innovative communication, inspiring audiences to embark on a transformative path towards fortified immune health.

Client: Danone

Agency: Memac Ogilvy

Category: Videos, Creatives